Retirement in Thailand: Important Facts
One of the best places to retire in the world today, is in Thailand. There are lots of attractions that will keep the retiring individuals busy and give them an unforgettable experience.
The environment is exciting and presents every visitor with several opportunities. The atmosphere is full of smiles and several happy people. One major point to note is that, it offers world class products and services at affordable rates.
Retirement in Thailand should be the first choice of any individual who wants to have an excellent retirement. There are a wide range of options to choose from that will perfectly suit any individual.





LANGUAGE: The official language of Thailand is called Thai. English language is also widely spoken and can be said to be the next most spoken language. It is not very easy to learn the Thai language, but the Thais encourage and help visitors learn. To consider Retirement in Thailand, language shouldn't be a barrier. Other languages are spoken apart from English and people come from various parts of the world.
WEATHER: It is important to know that the weather in Thailand is tropical. It doesn't take much time to get used to the humidity. There are air conditioners across the city for anyone who wants to get cold.
TOURISM: Retirement in Thailand will not be fun without the various tourist attractions. There are world class beaches in the south and mountain villages in the north, with several other attractions which are diversified. Each attraction is unique and provides a memorable and rewarding experience.
INFRASTRUCTURE: Most cities in Thailand have world class infrastructures for anyone who is considering retirement in Thailand, except for a few remote areas. There is good level of communication with excellent internet facilities, first hand transportation, constant electrical supply and telecommunication.
COST OF LIVING: Also it comes with an opportunity to have a lower cost of living compared to several western countries. The basic needs for anyone thinking about a retirement in Thailand, such as food, shelter, clothing, transportation, entertainment are very affordable. These basic needs have different rates between $200-$1000 or more, depend on your lifestyle.





Anybody who is thinking of retirement in Thailand should have an idea of the total amount to allocate for basic needs. This is just an estimated figure because people are different and prices are not the same in every city.
The currency used in Thailand is called Thai Baht, but the dollar will be used for estimation.
Food: There are plenty of vendors with several options to choose from in different cities. An average of $300-$400 can be allocated to food monthly.
Shelter: One can get a good accommodation for lease, for about $400 on average. There are also cheaper and more expensive apartments.
Clothing: An average is cheap and high qualities even in local market or shopping mall. Simple T-shirt for $3 is everywhere.
Transportation: This would include local transportation, Taxi, van, bus, train and maybe flights to other cities. If you plan to live in the city. It might be a problem with traffic.
Entertainment: There are several avenues for entertainment, relaxation, massages and other fun filled activities. $300 is an average monthly price. For example $5-$6 for a ticket for cinema-English soundtrack.
Miscellaneous: Other expenditure such as, utility, household materials, leisure activities and unknown, will be given an average price of $350 monthly.
Health: Anyone with health issues and is considering retirement in Thailand, will need to get a private health-care insurance. There is a high standard of health-care facilities in several areas of Thailand. Hospitals have been accredited formally and can carry out complex medical procedures. This makes health care expensive. One can budget or allocate $200 monthly on health-care.
With an average of $2,000 monthly, individuals thinking of retirement in Thailand can comfortably enjoy their stay in the unique country of Thailand. Many people fare with much lesser amount and some spend more. It all depends on the individuals.





Residence can affect how an individual enjoys retirement in Thailand. Being at a place that suits an individual's financial capability, tourist attraction, weather requirement, and other factors, can enhance the individual's fun in Thailand.
Bangkok Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. It is a modern city that is affordable. It is a city with skyscrapers, luxury hotels and classic public transportation options.
There are lots of social clubs and activities in the city of Bangkok because lots of people meet from different parts of the world. This is good for individuals who would love to socialize and meet new people and opportunities.
Chiang Mai For a moderate weather and calmer lifestyle, an individual thinking of retirement in Thailand, can consider Chiang Mai. It is very affordable to reside in this city. You will spend less in this city than you would spend in Bangkok. One thing to take note of is high population. There is also access to mobile facilities and daily life comforts in this city.
Phuket Phuket has the largest islands in Thailand. Many foreigners love Phuket because it is comfortable and has an easy going lifestyle. It has an international airport which is the second busiest in the country. People don't have to travel to the capital city's airport in Bangkok before they can travel out of the country because there is a wide range of travelling options.
There are other side attractions like sea foods, range of gourmet restaurants, grocery stores with imported foods and other great qualities.
  • There are other residential options that an individual considering retirement in Thailand can choose from. It all depends on the individual.





Comparing retirement in Thailand to that of other countries, shows that Thailand is one of the best places in the world to retire.
Studies that have been carried out, shows that life in the United Kingdom, America, or Europe will not get easier. Most of these nations are in debt that cannot be paid anytime soon. The cost of living is high and this make a lot of things unaffordable for its inhabitants. Below are reasons why Thailand is the best country for retirement, compared to others.
  • The cost of living in Thailand is low, compared to other countries. This makes retirement in Thailand better. The cost of living is a major determinant of where one should retire. The more money an individual has, the more the opportunity for exploration.
  • Racism is very rare in Thailand. The people are very friendly and happy. This is unlike some countries in Europe and America known to be chief racists.
  • Unlike some countries in Africa, Europe, Asia and America, It is very difficult to hear of violence in Thailand. The people are very respectful and well cultured.
  • Though there might be tourists attractions, world class infrastructure in other countries, Thailand also have world class attractions and infrastructures that are cheaper to access.
  • There is good and very affordable food in Thailand, both local and international, unlike some countries who are not known to have good food.
  • Whoever is thinking of Retirement in Thailand, doesn't need to worry much about the visa application. All they need to do is meet the visa requirements. This is unlike some countries that make people go through hell even for retirement visas.





The basic requirements for retirement in Thailand can also be called Visa Requirements, which are summarized below.
  • Applicants must be foreigners from 50years and above.
  • Must not have a criminal record.
  • Must have not been denied visa previously to the country.
  • Must possess a balance of 800,000 Thai baht which is (about $25,000) or a monthly income of 6,500 Thai Baht (about $2,000) or savings and annual income combined, which then becomes a minimum of 800,000 Baht.
The visa is given to the applicants with a right to stay in Thailand for one year. If it expires, it can be renewed for every year as long as you want, if all the previous requirements are met.
  • It is unacceptable to leave your house without putting on an underwear, in Thailand.
  • Thailand is the number one exporter of rice in the world, most people eat rice very meals.
  • About 85% of the people are Buddhist. And most of them are really religion.
  • Thailand means the land of the freedom and cheap as free.
  • It is unacceptable to step on any of the Thai's currency.
  • It is unacceptable to drive without a shirt. NOoo!!! I just kidding. But you should concern about the sunshine there can burn you skin so fast.

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