How Thai Girlfriend can make You Happy
Known as the Land of Smiles, Thailand does not only have one of the friendliest people in the world but also many things that tourists and visitors can smile about - from its pristine beaches, luxurious resorts and rich history, to the friendly locals and its beautiful women.

Many have come to Thailand with thoughts of enjoying its long-stretch of white, sandy beaches, its exciting nightlife, its mysterious culture, rich history, and for men, of meeting the woman of their dreams, a Thai girlfriend, and ultimately marrying her. There's definitely nothing wrong with that. In fact, a lot of foreign men found and met the women they married in Thailand and are now happily raising their families.

Although major changes can be seen in Thailand's economy and most of its cities, not much can be said about its culture and its people. Some good things never change and that can be said about Thai women. Here are some characteristics of Thai women that make them distinctively endearing and appealing.

  • A Thai woman is generally shy and will only allow you to consider her your girlfriend after she gets to know you over time.
  • Thai women are cautious, and they value their reputation and status; hence they are very sensitive to things and actions that would affect their reputations.
  • They are one of the best-dressed ladies in the planet and they age beautifully, I don't know why they are always look younger than their age.
  • They are fiercely loyal and know how to spend money wisely.
  • Mostly Thai women are comfortable with their femininity and are happy with who they are.
  • They are naturally loyal, feminine and affectionate, which made they are outstanding.
  • Thai girlfriend can be relied on to maintain love, peace and harmony at home. Thai ladies won't push their boyfriends or husbands to be ambitious; if your ambitions will cause conflict later on, they would rather choose you not to pursue it since they prefer to live peacefully and harmoniously.
  • They don't give up easily, and will stay by your side especially when the relationship seems a bit shaky or along the distance.

Most visitors only spend a weekend or an entire week or a month in the country. You can only go to many places in such a short time, but with a seemingly adequate chance to get to know someone and leave an impression. The scenery and ambiance certainly provide the perfect romantic backdrop, combined with heart-melting smiles so unique with Thai ladies. Who can resist falling in love with Thailand? Some would say you need to stay or live in Thailand for quite some time so you can meet the woman of your dreams. Others may disagree and say that it can happen in an instant. But if you want to have a Thai girlfriend for a more serious, long-term relationship, you may need more than a weekend, or a week or a month.

Relationships take time to build. Oftentimes, we hear or read about whirlwind courtship stories, and we think they're the most romantic thing that can happen even you come from somewhere and meet someone on the other side of this plane and you have to get to know someone you meet while on vacation so you can form a lasting relationship. If your goal is to make her your Thai girlfriend, you have to learn to trust each other. You have to understand her background, family, culture, as well as her expectations of you. You also need to give her time to get to know you, your background, culture as well as your expectations of her. You need to understand that Thailand's culture is undiluted and very different from the west. Although the newer generations are bringing some changes, some customs and traditions are still intact.

Here are some customs and traditions that you need to take note of:
  • Respecting those of higher status and parents.
  • Saving face is paramount to all Thais, never make them lose face. They believe that criticisms should be given privately and that there are always ways to discuss matters smoothly and privately. You should also remember this when you get to propose and a dowry will be discussed.
  • Expect that your early dating stage will be communal – which means that when you ask your girl out, it is normal for her to bring along her best friend on the first few dates. You have to earn her trust and that of her family and friends.
  • Holding hands in public is not allowed for strangers or first few dates and it might take a while for you to get a kiss from her. A kiss is considered a very romantic gesture.
  • Thai girls are decent and have high values; they believe that your future is sealed once you sleep or live together.
  • When you have called her to be your Thai girlfriend as a time that she will expect to have sexual relationship with you.
  • All above we didn't talk about Thai Bar girls.

Nothing is perfect in a relationship. One thing is certain, it requires effort and time. When you start to consider a Thai girl your serious girlfriend, you need to be faithful and loyal as well. Thai women do not tolerate infidelity; they themselves will be faithful and loyal to the man they are having a serious relationship with and are intending to Thai marriage. Understanding each other's cultural background, relationship issues, and expectations and accepting them play an important role in making a relationship work. Instead of trying to change the other to fit your own personal perceptions, try to discover each other. Thai women are willing to improve her English or learn any language for better understanding their relationship. Some foreign men who have had relationships with Thai women also went as far as trying to learn Thai language too. Because they found their Thai girlfriend is not only beautiful inside and out, but she is also alluring and mysterious. This is definitely a promise of a long, exciting and satisfying relationship.

Of course, some will not entirely agree with what was said above, but it will be a guide on how you can find the perfect Thai girlfriend for a more meaningful relationship. Each of our experiences is molded by our own personality, backgrounds, culture, and age. Cultures, courtship and women may be similar across the world; there is something in each that makes them unique. And a certain Thai girlfriend can be uniquely yours for life if you take the time to get to know and understand her ways, beating all boundaries and odds.

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