Dating Thai Bar Girls - A Unique Experience
If you are living in Thailand or you are planing to visit, you should consider dating Thai bar girls. It is a unique experience and one you’ll be sharing with you buddies for years. Well, it depends on what you are desiring in a girl/women. There are specific things and traits that bar girls possess.

If You like Competitive

If you are a guy with a big ego who doesn’t like to lose a bar girl may not be your best dating choice. It has been said that most of them play a mean game of pool. It is probably due to the number of hours they have spent in bars. They are no Efren Reyes, who is said to be one of the greatest pool players of today, but they will definitely kick your butt if this is not something you do on a regular basis. So, if you are very competitive and still want to date a Thai bar girl, stay away from the pool tables. Some may even beat you with their cheating abilities. Don’t let their sexy clothes distract you.

If Body Art Turns You On

If the idea of a perfect date is someone with many tattoos a Thai bar girl is for you. Even tramp stamp tattoos are very popular in Thailand. Other bar girls have many tattoos throughout their body. Most Thai bar girls have tattoos done by people they know, such as a brother or friends, which tend to show a form of respect. Some bar girls even tattoo the name of their dates on their body if they meant something to them more than just a date. Just think, if things go well on your dates you will have no trouble asking her to marry you when your name is permanently tattooed on her body. Even though it wasn’t your idea, I guess they want something more meaningful than just a hickey from your hot passionate holidays together.

Cannot Do The New York Times Crossword Puzzle in Pen or Even Pencil for that Matter

If you are looking for a scholar then you should forget about to date bar girls. Thai bar girls are known to speak English well, but only in certain words or phrases. If you talk about a “non-scripted” topic they may stumble over their words and have no idea how to respond. They will look at you like you are speaking in a completely different language than they are familiar with. God forbid you ask them to read or write something. That is a major task for many bar girls. They will laugh and suddenly turn their back on you. So, if you are looking for intellectual conversation or anything beyond what you would like to drink, would you like to play a game of pool or how can I pleasure you or just ask about her life that could be a long night with little conversation. If enjoyable conversation isn’t important to you, just take her to your bed and enjoy a different type of communication.

Enjoy Hard Liquor and Beer

If your idea of the great cocktail is an apple martini or a Long Island iced tea a Thai bar girl will look at you in total confusion. But, if you are a liquor head and are looking for a girl who likes the hard stuff, their blood burning for high Alc% when they are tired of the beers available to them then a Thai bar girl is the girl for you. Some bar girls have even been known to drink their dates under the table. So, if you are looking for a girl who likes a cosmopolitan or a margarita, look elsewhere. On the other hand, if you are looking for someone who you can have a drinking contest with a bar girl may be the perfect fit for you.

Experience, Experience, Experience

If you are looking for a girl with a lot of sexual experience who could actually teach you some things, then a Thai bar girl might be your master. They are with you to please you in any way you like. Your sexual experience with a bar girl is like finding a magic lantern with three magic wishes. Every wish that you ask for will be granted. Their main purpose is to please you and make all of your dreams and desires become a reality. It has been said that Thai bar girls are required to be tested for STDs every three months or they will not be able to work. So, if these regulations are followed, safe sex is possible with a bar girl. Anyways there are no guarantees that these regulations will be followed, which makes this a game of Russian roulette in some cases. But if you are a gambler and nights of fantasy and passion with a little bit of danger (possibility of an STD) is what you’re looking for than a bar girl is for you. Let the good times roll!

The Reality of Long-Term Relationships with Thai Bar Girls

There is a possibility of having a long-term relationship with a Thai bar girl, but there are some things you should be leery of and look out for as the relationship progresses. Many men who have had long-term relationships with bar girls claim they can get sex whenever they request and many of the men stated that the girls give them gifts and money. As wonderful as this all sounds, like a man’s fantasy come true, you must also be aware that many bar girls who claim they are in a committed relationship will stray while the man is at work so that they can continue to make money on the side. This is the lifestyle they have become accustomed to and it is a very hard “habit” to break. Just like the famous phrase says, “You can take the girl out of the bar, but you cannot take the bar out of the girl”
So, it comes down to what you are looking for in a girl. If you want entertainment, nonstop entertainment at that, you’ve got it with a Thai bar girl. If you have a pool table in your basement or game room, a bar girl is for you. If you want someone that can make all of your fantasies come true you’ve got it with a bar girl. They may not be someone you can take home to grandma, but they are a good date if you want to live for the moment and discuss tattoos. On other hand, Thai girls are very various and wonderful. If you are interested in learning more about good Thai girls and would like to have the great experience of dating Thai girls. You just take sometimes to visit a dating website or a social media site devoted to this.

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