All about Thai Ladyboys and Gay in Thailand
Males who think that they were mistakenly put into a wrong bodies and try to become what they think they were meant to be, are known as ladyboys. They do believe that they are gay and they live as a woman. They could easily be described as a male who often have more femininity than some actual women. And most of ladyboys consider going through surgery to make their appearance more feminine and to make their bodies as woman as possible or even more sexier. In the west or European call ladyboys as the third gender, she-males and transsexual. Thailand is a country where ladyboys have become as common as the other genders and also they are welcome in social status. They are mostly referred to as “Kathoey” or “Katoey”. The males who are just on the early stages of this process are called “Femboy”, because they are getting to know about the transition but did not have made any major steps like surgery or using hormones.

The process of transiting from male to female can take many years because changing the natural gender may include several steps that can only be completed slowly. This procedure includes altering the body parts to that of a woman’s which is only possible through cosmetic surgery. Becoming a woman, they have to adopt the lifestyle and try to doing things, talk, walk and dress like women do.
Similar to United States the distinction of straight or gay is not made in Thailand as well. Thailand is largely a Buddhist country but sex and sexuality is not accompanied by shame or guilt and any obligations that comes with it. Mostly the local in Thailand engage in sexual intercourse without giving much thought to and labeling their selves. Also they can have normal social status as same as woman or man. Though the gay culture is Thailand is widespread but it was initially not originated there. Most of this culture in Thailand has been created by the westerns. If one is visiting Thailand and needs a nightlife then finding any type of sexual partner or friend is surprisingly easy i.e. gay friends, gay sex-partner, ladyboys prostitute etc. Here one can effortlessly meet sociable friendly men. And Thai ladyboys are mostly more interested in the western men than the locals.

If you are in the country and also in the search of thai ladyboys then with not much effort they can be seen in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket or around of the cities. There are all sorts of thai ladyboys, some tries their best to live a normal healthy life by running regular jobs like working in a hotel, restaurant, beauty salon, cosmetic presenter etc. While the other are seen working as prostitutes, working in the bar scenes professionally dancer. Agogo clubs are also the frequently visited place of kathoeys there. Because they like to work as entertainers, love to dance, sing and dreams of The tiffany's show or the ladyboy beauty contest.

Getting a ladyboy to date. Some of them might be challenge for you. But if a little fun is all you are looking for then going any club in Phuket, Pattaya or Bangkok will do the trick. Still If someone wants to get involved in a serious longterm romantic relationship then go to the bars is not an option. Look for ladyboys who work in decent place. The highest chance to find a ladyboy is through dating websites. The dating websites are becoming pretty common these days and there is definitely a higher chance of getting what you are looking for in one of the websites. Some websites are as easy to use as your purpose to find women or ladyboys. Search different profiles for a user that fits your taste and then getting to know each other through private messages might start off your relationship on the right foot.

Ladyboys have been around in Thailand for so long that they have become a part of it. Many tourists are fascinated by them as Thai ladyboys are often prettier and more attractive than real women. Many tourists also secretly or not have sexual interest in them but they can not be patient with how beautiful Thai ladyboys are. To specifically state the number of people actually interested in them is not possible but one can easily observe that the ladyboy cabarets shows (i.e. Alcazar Cabaret Show and Tiffany’s Cabaret Show) successfully draw enthusiastic and large audiences. There admirers can also be noticed by the fact that mostly “normal people” do not mind the sexual services of ladyboys. In Thailand, finding customers for ladyboy or kathoey hustlers is not difficult at all. These days it has been becoming more and more common for the lady hustlers to be jealous because of the number of customers they get and how sexy they do.

The people living in Thailand are surprisingly very accepting of ladyboys. It is very rare for them to be judgmental of a gay. Besides this fact, they still endure the pressure to get married and having a family of their own like most eastern cultures. It is common for them to have a same-sex relationship and also marrying and adopt children afterward. Since they are not into labeling themselves as straight, bisexual or homosexual therefore they do not feel anything abnormal if they switch.

Because ladyboys are originally male, some of the traits are still present in them even if they are unrecognizable because of the transition. Many of them are very good at fighting and knowledge of weaponry. Although the ladyboys are not violent and they try to avoid be using violence but even then if they are prepare to use it when the situation calls for it. If a person accidentally get involves in a situation where aggression can arise, they will be strong as a man to protect themselves and their lover. Example Nong Toom, One of famous Ladyboy boxer of Thailand.

Anyway Thai families do not feel so good if their son or children is interested to be ladyboys. Most of ladyboys active themselves to learning and study hard to win the acceptation of socials. Do not be surprise if you will find out Thai ladyboys are perfectly speaking English and expert also a lot sense of humor. As same as one of the most famous Thai ladyboys “Poy Treechada” The winner Miss Tiffany's 2004 and Miss International Queen 2004 and many others. By a large population of Thai ladyboys, Social scientists have referred Thailand as a feminine society. So why it would be strange if you will be interested to Thai ladyboys.

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